Statement 2018
The human form, in different capacities, situations and materials, is the central focus of my work. In the last ten years, I have created installations of shadow-like communities of female figures constructed with fiberglass scrim and fabric that illustrate and narrate themes both contemporary and historical. 
Currently I have shifted to paintings with three dimensional surfaces. This work continues my focus on the lives of women, embracing the more intimate and
universal concepts of rebirth, rejuvenation and fertility. The surfaces become carved out walls and spheres, transforming themselves into fields and holes, that weave in and out of solid colors and textures created from yarn and fabric. The spheres and gestural forms which inhabit the paintings, allude to bodies that have transcended structure, and refer back to the sculptural work. Clusters of circles and ovals become caverns and eggs, embracing negative space, becoming moments of primordial rebirth. Tight rotations, patterns of shapes, and spirals are realized through paint, fabric, twine, glue and yarn, 
materials typically associated with women, and women’s work.